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Ruminations about knitting at 3 a.m.

Monthly Archives: October, 2008

Obama-rama – Free Pattern!

I will blog about the process of making this sweater soon, but for now I only have the energy to post the pattern to download! Download the free Obama-rama pattern! Check it out on Ravelry Update: for the 2012 election, I’ve turned this into a cardigan! And if you want to learn more about intarsia […]


I am knitting the above into a sweater. See? I’ll be knitting this tonight while watching the VP debates. Also, I’ll be posting this as a free pattern once I’m done with it! And then we can all wear it on election night and (fingers crossed) inauguration day!

Subversive Cross Stitch

It may appear that I haven’t been knitting a lot lately. But this is not the truth. I have been knitting. I just have nothing to show for it. Well, that’s not entirely true… I do have a large orange blob to show you: Don’t even ask. When it’s ready to be viewed, I’ll let […]


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Gondola Cables

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Kaleigh Kap

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download free pattern

Tessellated Cowl
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