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Ruminations about knitting at 3 a.m.

NaKniSweMo Delay & a Shopping Spree

NaKniSweMo Design

Well, it’s November 1, the official start of NaKniSweMo and I’m stuck with no yarn. I designed my sweater last week and ordered the yarn from Knitpicks, but instead of springing for expedited shipping, I decided to take my chances.

And now the yarn is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. Whoops.

On Saturday I was feeling antsy without any projects on the needles. I needed to knit something. It was then that I realized my cousin is getting married next Saturday, and I could knit him and his fiancee up a quick wedding present. They live in Toronto, a climate that allows for the wearing of wool knitwear for more than the three days of cold we get in Los Angeles each year. A wedding is a special occasion, which warrants a special project, which in turn requires a special yarn.

100% cashmere.

It is glorious.

At $47 per skein, it’s more than a little pricey. Thank goodness yarn is a tax write-off for me, or else I’m not sure I could have talked myself into the purchase. I bought 3 skeins to be safe, and the good news is it looks like I’ll have a lot left over to make something soft and delicious for myself.

In addition to the cashmere, I saw this amazing yarn and couldn’t resist buying a skein:

Blue/green silk with sequins, are you kidding me? It’s so very gorgeous. I tried to get a picture of it in sunlight so you can see how sparkly it is:

I’m going to make a skinny scarf out of it, I think. I might give it away as a Christmas present, or I might just keep it for myself. It is such a good color for my skin tone, after all.

Stay tuned for NaKniSweMo progress pictures and finished shots of the mystery cashmere gift project!

Laura Birek
Nocturnal Knits

1 Comment to NaKniSweMo Delay & a Shopping Spree

  1. November 8, 2010 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been dreaming about this cashmere since I first read this post. show us the presents already! :) and I think you should keep the tilli tomas for yourself, but I’m greedy like that

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