Ruminations on knitting at 3 a.m. and home of the Giganto-blanket.

Ruminations about knitting at 3 a.m.

The tale of my first handspun FO

Nocturnal Knits
A quick story in pictures.

I found an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel on Craigslist for a great price, so I bought it. (Molly likes it.)

I found this beautiful Dicentra Designs blue and green Bluefaced Leicester fiber at A Knitted Peace in Littelton, CO. (I was there for a wedding.) So I bought that, too.
Dicentra Designs Fiber

Spinning this wool was a total joy. The single was just gorgeous on the bobbin.

I was tempted to leave it a single, but I wanted to practice chain plying so I plied it up.
Plied up

And then balled it up for knitting.

At some point I lost my notes about the yardage and yarn weight, so I just decided to start knitting a simple triangle shawl. That way I could just knit until I ran out of wool.
2014-12-30 15.22.39

Every 4-6 rows I added a row of eyelets by doing YO, K2tog across. Couldn’t be simpler. Before blocking it was pretty small and nubbly.
2015-03-02 16.03.11

But with some wet blocking I was able to reclaim 10″ in each direction.

And now I have a cute little triangle scarf/shawlette! Maybe next time I take a selfie I’ll brush my hair…
2015-03-03 11.46.51

2015-03-03 11.47.00

Free People “Big Sky” wool blanket


Oh look, it’s a special Giganto-Blanket for the 2014 Free People holiday shop!


I was a pleasure to work with Free People, and I love how the blanket turned out. There’s only a limited supply at Free People, but you can also check out my Etsy shop for more gigantic-wool goodness.


(Images courtesy of Free People.)

Glen Etive – Short Film


Hi y’all. In addition to my knitting and writing, I’ve started directing short films, and I wanted to share my most recent work with you! It’s a cute little short I shot entirely on my iPhone while on a family vacation in Scotland. I hope you enjoy it!

Glen Etive – Short Film from Laura Birek on Vimeo.

Frogging on NPR’s All Things Considered

I only have time for a quick post because I’m jumping on a transatlantic flight soon, but here’s the link to my interview with Melissa Block on NPR’s All Things Considered that aired today!

I’m at the tail end of an absolutely breathtaking visit to Scotland. Here’s a picture of me knitting my Take Cahuenga Shawl in front of Ben Nevis, the largest mountain in the UK:


So what do you think? Did I explain frogging properly?

New Patterns: Band Camp + Take Cahuenga

New Knitting Patterns

New Knitting Patterns

Don’t you love publication day? I woke up yesterday to find my two new patterns, the Band Camp Pullover and Take Cahuenga Shawl live on the Knit Picks site.

What’s even cooler is my Band Camp Pullover not only made the cover of the Cotlin Collection book (available as a physical book or ebook) but it was featured on the Knit Picks homepage:


What a pleasant surprise!

I hope you like the patterns! And if you’ve bought the Band Camp Pullover and are confused about the “Woven Lace Pattern” or “Woven Lace Stitch” check out the video below. I go through it a few times so you can get a visual — there’s no audio so you can watch it any time :)


Patterns for Sale
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Original Patterns

Giganto-blanket $4.99 -

Giganto-blanket FAQ page

Balos Cover Up
Balos $5.99 -

Pikabu Boot Toppers
Pikabu $1.99 - Buy @ Knit Picks

Cabo Cardi
Cabo Cardi $4.99 - Buy @ Knit Picks

Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope Sweater $7 -

Perpendicular sweater - finished! $3.99 -

Refine School
Reform school - finished! $3.99 -

Gondola Cables

Free Pattern!

Kaleigh Kap

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download free pattern

Tessellated Cowl
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