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Custom Pegboard Organizer – for less than $35!

I made this custom pegboard for my craft room / office and wanted to share the steps with y’all because it was SO easy and quick to make! I’ve had…

read more March 4, 2015

The tale of my first handspun FO

A quick story in pictures. I found an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel on Craigslist for a great price, so I bought it. (Molly likes it.) I found this beautiful Dicentra…

read more March 3, 2015

Free People “Big Sky” wool blanket

Oh look, it’s a special Giganto-Blanket for the 2014 Free People holiday shop! I was a pleasure to work with Free People, and I love how the blanket turned out.…

read more November 3, 2014

Glen Etive – Short Film

Hi y’all. In addition to my knitting and writing, I’ve started directing short films, and I wanted to share my most recent work with you! It’s a cute little short…

read more July 30, 2014

Frogging on NPR’s All Things Considered

I only have time for a quick post because I’m jumping on a transatlantic flight soon, but here’s the link to my interview with Melissa Block on NPR’s All Things…

read more July 2, 2014

My First Handspun Skein

Look at that! It’s my very first handmade skein of yarn! It’s far from perfect, but I’m kinda in love with it, guys. I started learning how to spin through…

read more April 16, 2014

IKEA Hack – Litter Box from Byholma Chest

I just moved to a new apartment, and while the new place is spacious and has plenty of storage, there was just no good place to put the litter box.…

read more January 12, 2014

American Apparel Activity

Hi all, I know it’s been quiet on Nocturnal Knits lately! It’s because everything I’m knitting is either super-secret or super-not-exciting! Something Exciting that I would like share is the…

read more October 21, 2013

Google Play Craft Book Sale

I just got word that Google Play has a HUGE sale on craft books going on right now through next Monday, 9/23. And my book, Picture Perfect Knits, is on…

read more September 16, 2013

Time Lapse Video: Clouds over Echo Park

Just wanted to share a time-lapse video I shot from my balcony this afternoon! I used my iPhone 5 and an app called LapseIt Pro. I hope you like it!

read more August 19, 2013