NaKniSwe…more or less

Here’s my non-NaKniSweMo jacket. Finished! Hurrah! It’s got pockets! And a hood! (For some reason I thought staring into the mid-day sun was a good idea for that last picture.)…

read more November 28, 2011

New Pattern – Sneak Peek

I finally got to take some pictures of my newest design, a long cabled jacket I’m calling “Knockoff.” (I’ll explain the name later, I promise.) Check it out! More pictures…

read more November 22, 2011

NaKniSwe…not so much

Well, I was planning on designing a new argyle cardigan for this year’s NaKniSweMo, but the fates were against me. This was last year’s cardigan: I liked it well enough…

read more November 10, 2011