Wheel Winner = New Spinning Wheel

Hey folks! Last time we talked, I was encouraging you to watch me on Wheel of Fortune. Well, spoiler alert… I won!

In addition to winning a car, I won cash and a trip to Maui.

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Wheel of Fortune was so fun, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to appear on the show. I’m loving my new car (I got a Ford Escape instead of the Mustang, since I need a little more cargo space in my life), and the Maui trip was awesome.

However, because all my winnings will be taxes as 1099 income, I’ve been careful to not spend any of my cash winnings… until now. I’d like you to meet the one and only thing I’m going to buy with my Wheel cash: my beautiful new spinning wheel.

Buying a spinning wheel with my Wheel of Fortune cash just seemed fitting. I settled on the Lendrum double treadle after months of research and I’m very happy with it. It treadles so smoothly and is a dream to spin on. I’m still learning how to spin, so any helpful tips are appreciated!

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