Low-Carb, Keto / Paleo, Gluten-Free Vegan Crackers (and they’re good, too!)

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It’s the new year, and everyone around me is posting on Instagram about their new diet and fitness resolutions.

Personally, I hate weight-loss diets. They don’t work for me, and I resent every minute of feeling restricted. I consider counting calories a special form of torture, cruel and unusual punishment for the crime of a carefree, pie-eating holiday season.

However, when my loose, “comfy” jeans suddenly become skinny jeans I can barely button, I realize I need to do *something* about my food intake.

For me, the thing that works is eating fewer carbs. A few years ago I read Gary Taubes’ book Why We Get Fat and it totally clicked for me. So now I just try not to eat bread and other high-carb foods and it’s pretty simple for me to get back to my baseline weight.

Great, good for me. Exciting post, Laura. ?

But here’s the thing: sometimes a girl needs crackers for her damn cheese. That’s not a metaphor. I love cheese, but it’s hard to eat a delicious triple cream without some BASE on it. But traditional crackers are basically just a condensed sheet of wheat-laden carbohydrates, so I was at a loss.

So I started experimenting with low-carb recipes for crackers.

After a few false starts, I came up with this recipe, which despite having all the unfun adjectives before it (I love them, but low-carb, vegan, keto/paleo, gluten-free eaters aren’t the life of the party, guys), it’s ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD.

I’ve made these a few dozen times now and taken them to meat-eating, high-carb parties, and nobody was the wiser. They’re THAT GOOD.

Don’t take my word for it! Here’s the recipe — let me know if you made it, and how they turned out!


And here’s a video of me making a batch:

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