Super squishy with its braids and brioche, this hat will keep you warm on the coldest nights. Though it appears to use colorwork, each row is only knit with one color at a time, so you won’t have to worry about fiddling with multiple strands.

The brim of this hat is knit in two parts. Starting with a provisional CO, knit one strip of each color. You then pull the strips through the holes created by the YOs to create the braided effect. After the braid is completed, remove the provisional CO and join each strip using Kitchener stitch or a three-needle bind-off.

The two-color brioche cap is knit by picking up stitches along the top edge of the finished brim braid. Pick up with the CC (Natural) and then work the setup row in MC (Evergreen).


This pattern is very stretchy, so one size should fit most adults.

Blue hat is knit in the suggested Manos del Uruguay Clasica
Green hat is knit in the suggested Andy’s Merino, as featured in the October YarnBox shipment


Patterns purchased before 10/27/2015 contained an error, corrected below:

“Brioche decrease.” Slip knit st with its paired YO purlwise knitwise. Bring yarn to front of needle and then to the back of the work (YO). Knit next two stitches together, making sure to include paired yarn over. Pass slipped stitch and paired YO over. You have now decreased by 2 sts.