Self-Striping One-Skein Hat

I felt like making myself a hat. So I went down to Michael Levine’s in Los Angeles and found some Filatura DiCrosa’s “127 Print” yarn in color 41. I bought two skeins, but was lucky to get away with only using one for this hat:

Self-Striping Yarn Hat

Self-Striping Yarn Hat - Top View

I took these pics using my fabulous built-in iSight camera. The camera is fabulous because it’s convenient, but it’s less-than-fabulous when I’m under artificial lighting (like I was tonight).

Of course, I have a small head, so most people would probably have to use more than one skein to make a hat.

By the way, my new obsession is self-striping yarn. I can’t get enough. (See my previous post about my Noro Kureyon scarf for more.)

So, here I am left with a lonely ball of 127 Print. Any suggestions of what I should do with it?

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