Not just any library…

I was just sitting here, eating my tuna salad sandwich during a rushed lunch, minding my own business when I saw something that is just very cool. See for yourself:

Is that me???

Holy moly! That’s me in the Library of Congress!

Okay, so I know anything that’s been published in any way, shape or form is in the Library of Congress catalog. (And the fact that they spell it “catalog” instead of “catalogue” is very distressing to me.) And I realize that when I actually got a book deal from Chronicle Books I should have realized that this would happen. But this is a first for me, so give me my five minutes of giddiness and then I’ll go back to eating my sandwich.

Meanwhile, in my actual knitting, I’ve finished a secret project called “Sky Birds” for my brother (pics will be posted once he receives it), and I immediately started knitting a Fake Isle hat:

Fake isle in progress

Excuse the poorly-lit, low-resolution photo. Yes, I used my iPhone to take the picture. So sue me. I do everything with my iPhone these days. Soon I’ll teach it how to knit and everyone will be happy. And by everyone I mean me.

Fake Isle is nearing completion already, so expect an action shot in the near future. Now if only the weather would cool down enough for me to wear it.

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  • N says:

    AWESOME!!!! You rock. Champagne is in order.

  • Carolyn says:

    Congratulations! I’m so thrilled for you. I just found your post on Ravelry and I thought, that face looks familiar… we went to MPW together and you were always trying to help me get farther with my knitting. I’m going to go friend you on Ravelry right now.

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