SoCal is burning…

…and I’m making a double-knit hat. The irony is not lost on me. Thankfully, the hat is for my lovely brother, who lives in the forest for half the year and thus has occasion to wear a doubly-thick hat.

Meanwhile, the local weatherman is using these terms to describe Los Angeles weather:

Our weather...

My roommate mentioned that our forecast sounds like a nice gouda.

My brother is aware of the hat, and he’s seen grainy, iChat-relayed images of it half-done. But because this is technically a secret project, I will not post pictures until he has the hat on his head, hopefully sometime next week.

Meanwhile, I have finished a project for myself. Yes! It’s true! Something I will keep and have actually worn in public since its completion. Observe, in all its glory, the Leavened Raglan:

Leavened Raglan

From Interweave Knits Magazine, Fall 2007, designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

Some detail:

Hem Detail of L.R.

Front Detail of L.R.

It’s comfy and warm. I used Lambs Pride Bulky and it took just under 5 skeins for the medium size. The Lamb’s pride sheds a little more than I’d prefer, but in the end this is a good catchall sweater. I’ve worn it to the movies twice already. It also only took about a week to make, and it positively flew off the needles. I think it only took about eight episodes of Veronica Mars to complete.

Perhaps I should start a system where I measure the time it takes to knit something in number of TV episodes or movies. I know it took me the whole first season of Heroes to knit a project for my forthcoming book.

I’ll have to think about that one…

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  • Shanna says:

    This sweater is really cute! Nice job!

  • happy2knit says:

    I saw your sweater on Ravelry and immediately bought the silver Lamb’s Pride Bulky from the Yarn Girls. My question is, what size needle did you use to get gauge? Did you get gauge? Did you make any mods? I completely love your version, BTW.

  • jennifer.vogel says:

    I do hope you're still "watching" your site comments: I see that you didn't respond to happy2knit.

    I'm working with the yarn that the pattern calls for and cannot get gauge. I'm questioning the size 13 needles for the body. Did you use these or the 15's for the body.

    Thanks so much – just love the look of your sweater!! Nicely done.

  • laurabirek says:

    Hi Jennifer and happy2knit — I think I didn't respond to the first needle-size question because I couldn't remember what size I actually used! I'm 99% sure I used size 15s on the body, but, again, I don't really remember — it was a hectic time in my life and I didn't have all my needles handy, so I just used whatever was lying around. As with any sweater, though, I recommend everyone do their own gauge swatch and just see what works — Jennifer, if you're not getting the right gauge with 13s, by all means go up to 15!

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