Fake Isle Finally Finished

I love projects that just fly off the needles and still look like I slaved over them. Fake Isle is one of these projects. It looks much harder than it is, and it’s a very quick knit. Case in point: I frogged my first Fake Isle on Monday, and it’s now Wednesday afternoon and I have already finished my new, unseamed one. Have a look:

Fake Isle

This time I knit the larger size. It’s still snug, so I’m glad I did. Another action shot:

One more Fake Isle

Here’s a shot of the join and the color-jog:

Fake Isle stranding jog

I’m so glad I frogged and re-knit, because even though I still get the color-jog at the join it looks leaps and bounds better than the seam did.

Oh, and my brother got his hat today! I’ll post a separate entry about his hat later on, when he’s sent me more pictures.

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