Kaleigh Kap – Free Pattern!

Kaleigh Kap

This pattern is available free on laurabirek.com! Also, you can check it out on Ravelry.

One of my coworkers recently became a dad for the first time, and I had been wanting to knit something for his new arrival but couldn’t figure out what to make. The inspiration came when two things happened on the same day: 1) he told me his daughter’s full name, and 2) my new set of DPNs arrived from Knit Picks. (Special shout out to my awesome roommate, HG, who got me those needles for my birthday!) I wanted to use those shiny new needles and I thought of all the Koigu KPM I had left in my stash. So I got cracking on this pattern, which turned in to the Kaleigh Kap:

Kaleigh Kap

In case it’s not clear, the recipient has the initials K.M.B. The size seen here is for the 16″ baby/toddler size. I’ve also written patterns for 14″ (newborn) and 18″ (child) head circumferences. It was very quick to knit—it only took me 3 days or so—and I’ve charted out the whole English alphabet in the pattern so it can be personalized with any three initials.

Download the patten!

Next in my queue: Endpaper Mitts!

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