Ravelympics, here I come!

Ravelympics,  here I come!

Don’t you just love those clever folks over at Ravelry? They’ve come up with the 2008 Ravelympics, a sort of knitting olympics, where the goal is to cast on and finish a project during the 17 days of the Summer Olympics.

As a proud Angeleno, I am playing for Team LaLa Land in the event “Designers Discus.” My plan is to make a double-knit scarf out of some stash Rowan Bamboo Soft yarn I’ve had lying around for about a year. I’m not allowed to cast on until the opening ceremonies, but swatching is considered “training,” so here are my swatches:

Swatch side 2Swatch side 1

I created the charts for the colorwork tonight and I’m starting to wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew. The chart is 34 stitches wide and 460 rows long, and each row has a colorwork pattern to follow. Gulp.

Check back soon to see if I survive, or if I drop out with a pulled hamstring. (Or, more likely, tendonitis in my wrist!)

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