iPhone Mittens

It’s cold in Chicago.

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I live in Los Angeles (currently 66°F), where it’s easy to forget that most of the country is experiencing this thing called “winter.” I also don’t realize the special challenges that bundling up under countless layers of clothing presents.

For example: my friend Danielle, a PhD student at the University of Chicago, told me she was getting frustrated with wearing gloves all the time. It’s too cold in Chicago to go bare-handed, especially while walking her dog. But when she gets a call on her iPhone, the gloves get in the way of her answering the phone. The solution?

iPhone Mittens

The iPhone Mittens! (Ravelry) They have a flap to cover your fingers that can be quickly pulled back to answer your phone:

iPhone Mittens in action

The pattern is my own, yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran (Ravelry). I used the majority of two skeins, and cut it REALLY close with the black. If I were to re-create this pattern, I’d use the grey on the finger-flap to make sure I wouldn’t run out of yarn.

I’ll write this pattern up if there’s interest — let me know if you’d like to see this pattern online!

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