High-top Booties

I love it when my friends have babies, not only because it means another little being is coming into the world, but because it gives me an excuse to make adorable knits!(Ravelry link)

I was inspired by Brookyln Handmade’s Baby Chucks pattern, and even bought the pattern from her for five dollars. When I started looking over the pattern, though, I decided just to give it a go on my own. I had different yarn requirements (Koigu PPM) and needle sizes (2.75 mm, I think?), so rather than adapt her pattern to my needs, I figured I’d just take a stab at the design. I’ve knit so many booties in my day that I’ve memorized the method (based on the Stay-On Baby Booties pattern by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas) and don’t really need a pattern to look at anymore. This was especially helpful since I knit both these booties on a plane trip. Fancy that.

Here’s another shot for size reference:

These were such a hit that I’m already knitting another pair! Here’s hoping I can remember how I made them in the first place!

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