Major milestone, long in the making

Well, this took a while.

Cablework finished!

I got the yarn in the mail on Halloween 2007, and more than 2 years later I can finally say I’ve gotten the majority of work finished on Starsky (pattern | Ravelry).

To be fair, I didn’t cast on for this project until March 2008. I worked on it furiously for about a week and then let it fall into a deep hibernation until about a month ago. So what you see here is really only about a month’s worth of active knitting. Poor guy just had to sit around for almost two years.

Closeup of cables

I’m loving the Berkshire Bulky yarn (Ravelry) and the color couldn’t be more perfect. And guess what? I’m making it for ME! It’s going to be alllll miiiiine! I almost always gift my knits, so it’ll be nice to have this for myself.

Hopefully I can block these pieces and get going on the sleeves this weekend. I’m hoping to have it done before it gets cold here (or, at least chilly… it is Los Angeles, after all), or at least for my New Year’s trip to Tahoe.

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