Christmas Knitting

To preserve my sanity and my wrists, I decided to only knit one Christmas present this year. I wanted to make something for my stepmom. She’s hard to buy for, but I know she values craftsmanship and beauty, so I thought making something delicate and pretty would be appropriate.

I decided to make Ysolda Teague’s “Ishbel” shawlette when realized I had the perfect yarn in my stash: red Koigu.

I made the smaller size on size 6 needles, and it only took a week of knitting! What a perfect gift! The pattern was very easy to follow and knit, and this thing just flew off the needles. I can’t wait to knit another one!

It also gave me an opportunity to perform my favorite magic trick: blocking lace! Here’s the lumpy mess before blocking:

Ishbel, before blocking

And during:

Blocking Ishbel

I’m always floored by the difference a little blocking makes on lace, especially when using wool.

The finished shawl ended up being even a little bigger than expected. It’s a nice surprise, because it can be nicely draped around the shoulders in addition to being wrapped around a neck.

Ishbel - back

And the good news is that my stepmom seemed to love it! She said she had never seen a shawl like it before, so I was pleased. Also, I think it’s the perfect weight for the climate she lives in (Central California), where it gets chilly, but not freezing.

My stepmom, however, was too shy to pose in the shawl for my blog, so I coerced my stepbrother’s girlfriend to model it for me. Thanks!

Eilis modeling Ishbel

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  • KnitNurd says:

    I love your Ishbel and I can certainly see why your step-mom would also…it’s beautiful!!! I am currently attempting it, but I’m still on the fence about continuing because of the difference in the YOs along the garter edge…they just really bug me, but we shall see. Anyway, job well done!! :=)

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