Cardigan Confusion

I want to design a cardigan. Well, let me rephrase that: I want a new hand-knit cardigan. I knit, so it’s only logical that I make one for myself. I browsed around Ravelry to find either a pattern I love or some inpiration, but I think I’m suffering from too many options. Crippled by choice.

So, I think the best bet is to design one myself and knit it for NaKniSweMo 2010. But what to design?

Short sleeve?
Shalom Cardigan

Long sleeve?
yoke up close

Yoked? Seamed? Do I just break down and do the Tangled Yoke after all?
Fits like a glove

What’s a knitter to do? Anyone have any suggestions for what you want to see in a cardigan design? Let me know!

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