Frog and Cat

Please excuse the grainy iPhone photo.

Frog and cat

I was more than halfway through the armhole shaping of the right-front of my argyle cardigan when I realized I had offset the argyle diamonds by a few stitches. I did a little mental arithmetic and realized it would be faster to frog a bit than top-stitch the fixes. So that’s what I did. And Molly decided to be my platform. That cat refuses to move from my lap!

Molly wants to help

Well, not until there’s fun yarn ends to play with. She’s devious, that Molly.

But look! I got it blocked last night!


I couldn’t get the color right in my laundry room, so I dragged my blocking mats outdoors to get a better picture.

More blocking

The whole time I was walking the mats outside I was thinking, “this is a terrible idea.” I figured they’d come apart, or the knitting would fall off, or I’d end up stabbing myself with a dozen blocking pins. But apparently today is my lucky day, because none of the above happened.

Knock on wood.

Now onto the sleeves!

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