Last-Minute Gift Emergency

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles!


Imagine, if you will: it’s Monday, January 10, 2011. Sitting in my living room, I suddenly realize that my good friend’s birthday is coming up. It’s coming up soon—in five days. And what do I decide?

To knit her something in those five days, naturally.

I had a skein of beautiful hand-painted silk/wool blend from a now-defunct spinner sitting in my stash, so I decided I would be able to whip up one of Ysolda’s Ishbel shawls in time.

Fast forward five days, and I have this on my blocking wires:

Isbhel Blocking

It turned out so pretty and soft, and it made a very nice gift. So much so that I’m making another one for myself now! One for me, one for you… I figure that’s a fair plan.

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