Knitter’s Block

I think I have knitter’s block. It’s like writer’s block, but with designing knitwear. I just can’t do anything that seems right at the moment. I’ve swatched a bunch to no avail. I’ve also taken to cutting up muslin in an attempt to come up with a garment shape I like, but nothing looks good. I even went so far as to learn broomstick lace, which is a crochet technique:

Broomstick lace


Everything I’ve done so far is meh.

I’m sure inspiration will strike if I keep working at it. But for now I’ve got nothing worthwhile on the needles.

Anyone have a cure?

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  • Claire says:

    write a good witty story about having knitter’s block?? 😀

    loving the broomstick!! one i havent mastered yet! after seeing that swatch though i can just picture it in my cream alpaca for a shawl!

    see you may not be inspired, but you are inspiring others!!!

  • Chris says:

    My favorite way to get knitting ideas is to browse through stitch dictionaries. Just a few pages in and the patterns begin to combine and morph into whole knitted pieces built in my imagination. Then the difficult part is finding enough time to get them all out of my head and into the world. Good Luck!

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