I haven’t heard from my stepsister about whether she’s received this adorable little knit toy in the mail yet, but I assume it’s because she has more important things going on. You know, like being 9 months pregnant right in the middle of a crazy heat wave… stuff like that. But I’ve waited about a week and a half since mailing it, so I figure it’s safe to introduce my finished Spud to you all!

Finished Spud

Isn’t he just the cutest? He was so fun to knit — the pattern is by Susan B. Anderson in her newest book, Spud and Chloë at the Farm. In case you’re curious, this is what he looked like when he wasn’t quite finished:

Spud in progress

I highly recommend this project to anyone who needs a quick baby gift. From cast on to sewing the final embroidery touches on Spud’s face this toy took me only three days to create. And that’s three days where I still worked a full time job and had other social obligations to attend to, not three days of nonstop knitting. That’s what I call a speedy project!

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  • SPUDTASTIC, indeed!

    He is adorable – and I love your “heads-up” on how quickly you were able to complete him.

    This is one lucky baby (and I hope your stepsister acknowledges soon!!!).

    The bow tie and the little tuft of hair on top of his head really ring my chimes. Would you like to make one for me???

    Thanks for posting these photos!

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