Afraid of changes…

I’m not necessarily afraid of change, but lately I’ve been afraid of changes… changes to my blog, that is.

I got hacked. A bunch of times. I think it was my web-host’s fault, but it was a huge pain. I work as a web developer, so I knew how to fix the problems, but that last thing I want to do in my personal time is deal with corrupt MySQL databases.

So I wasn’t posting for a while to avoid making changes. If my blog got hacked again, at least I could just revert to the most recent backup and not worry about losing posts. But now I think the problem has stabilized (please, gods of the internet, focus on more hack-worthy sites), and I think it’s safe to dip my toe back into blogging.

But what to blog about? The only knitting I have to report is the successful completion of my mom’s Noro Iro sweater:

Mom's Noro Sweater

I made it for Christmas and she loved it!

Aaaaaand… that’s all folks! More news will come as it’s fit to print. Oh, and happy 2012!

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