Baby Jersey and Spud #2

Don’t you love baby gifts? They’re so quick to knit and just so wee and adorable. The only thing I hate about baby gifts is that I can’t share them with you until the baby shower is over. The waiting is usually very difficult for me.

Thankfully, my dear friend C. Abad has now been showered with gifts for the imminent arrival of her baby boy, so I can finally share my knits!

The Abads are huge Los Angeles Lakers fans, so I knew I needed to make their baby a personalized sports Jersey.

Lakers Baby Jersey

I used some Knitpicks Comfy Fingering for the project because it’s not only machine-washable and super soft, but most importantly it comes in Lakers colors! (Hint: if you’re not a Lakers fan, it also comes in a lot of other colors, too.)

In typical Laura fashion, I ordered WAY too much yarn for this one project. I think the jersey used one skein of the main color, and teeny lengths of the contrasting colors. Also, knitting a 6-month size of anything, even with an intarsia chart in fingering weight, takes no time at all! I was done with this thing all the way back in March.

With wool and time to spare, it only seemed natural I make something else!

Lakers Lamb

Meet Spud #2 a.k.a. the Lakers Lamb. This is Susan B. Anderson’s pattern from her book Spud and Chloë at the Farm.

I think they make a nice little team, don’t they?

Lakers Baby Set

Here’s to baby Abad! I can’t wait to meet you, little guy!

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