Election Day 2012

Four years ago I knit this sweater, which I dubbed Obama-rama:

Hope via Sweater

Today, Barack Obama is up for reelection. Yesterday, when I pulled out the sweater to show the world who I support for president in 2012, I realized that my choice may not have changed since 2008, but my waistline has a bit…

It wasn’t that bad, but the sweater was a bit too tight for my liking, so I decided to turn it around and make it into a cardigan.

First, I machine-steeked the back (tutorial can be found here):

Sweater Surgery
Sweater Surgery

That was nerve wracking as all get-out. And then came the even worse part… CUTTING!

Sweater Surgery

ACK! And then it was cut!

Sweater Surgery

After cutting, I picked up 106 stitches on each side and knit some button bands with leftover yarn. Yes, I have leftover yarn from a project I knit four years ago… what of it? Anywho, here are the guts of the finished cardigan.

Obama-Rama Cardigan

And it all buttoned up nicely.

Obama-Rama Cardigan

Here’s my four-years-older waistline with a lot more breathing room:

Obama-Rama Cardigan

And now Obama’s got my back…

Obama-Rama Cardigan

Whoever you support, I urge all my American readers to go out and vote today! And if you’ve already voted, go buy a skein of cashmere, cast on for some more socks, or just give yourself a good old pat on the back.

And here’s to the end of campaign ads! In that respect, everyone a winner!

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  • Patti Abad says:

    Laura! It never ceases to amaze me how talented you are! My meek knitting knowledge and I bow down to you 😉 Love the cardigan and the design btw.

  • Cheryl N. says:

    This is just about the most amazing thing I have seen in ages!!! When I grow up in my knitting skill, I want to be just like YOU Ms. Laura. I voted for the man who has your back – thanks for sharing your awesome talent!

  • Melissa says:

    That is truly brave and amazing. It looks great as a cardigan!

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