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Oh, Pinterest. All it took was five minutes of browsing the “DIY Christmas” search results for me to become obsessed with the idea of making a wreath. I’ve never once owned a wreath, considered buying a wreath, or even contemplated what the point of having a wreath is, but Pinterest has shown me I need ALL THE WREATHS! One for every season! WREATHMANIA BEGINS!

Once I navigated away from Pinterest and took a few deep breaths, I decided to start with the simplest wreath I could find: an ornament wreath. I found a number of tutorials, but settled on this one from Better by the Bite.

All you need are ornaments, a wire coat hanger you’re willing to sacrifice, and a hot glue gun. There’s basically two steps to this process: 1) glue ornaments to their tops (so they don’t pop off) and 2) string the ornaments on the coat hanger.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I did this all while watching a Lakers game and the penultimate episode of Homeland Season 2. Fast, easy and fun! No, really! I loved how it turned out:

And it looks very festive near the tree, though I may move it to the front door… not sure yet:

Has Pinterest inspired any holiday crafting in your house?

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