Uh oh…

I think I’ve crossed over to the dark side.

2013-01-25 10.49.12

That’s a big pile of sock yarn. I felt compelled to buy it because I’m heading to Colorado soon and I realized I’d love some hand-knit socks to keep my toes warm.

And then I realized I had a store credit at my LYS… it was the beginning of the end.

2013-01-25 10.46.43

I’m using Susan B. Anderson’s sock pattern and some Induglence yarn.

I have to admit, I was never quite sure why some knitters were so obsessed with sock knitting. It had seemed so fiddly, so tedious to me. But now it’s like a light has turned on and I get it. Sock knitting is portable. It’s cheap — usually one skein will get you a pair of socks. It’s also great mindless knitting once you get the basics down. But, it’s also kinda like magic once you start turning the heel and working the gusset.

In other words: it’s addictive.

I’m almost done with sock #1:

Stay tuned to see the completed pair!

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  • Becky says:

    I have to know where I can get this roving yarn in WA State. Could I get specific a description of the material you used? This is so cool!

    • Laura Birek says:

      Becky, I assume you’re referring to the roving I use to make my Giganto-blanket? Click on that link to get more info — I buy the roving online from Sheep Shed Studio and the pattern has all the information. Thanks!

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