Where I’ve Been

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, I know. Here’s a little recap:

First I was in New York City for a week, it was inspiring and exhausting. I got to see three shows, “Once” on Broadway (so beautiful), “Sleep No More” in an abandoned warehouse in Chelsea (very unique and thought-provoking), and Alan Cumming’s almost-one-man “Macbeth” on Broadway (whoa… no words). Here are some pictures:

Then I went to three weddings, three weekends in a row. One in Los Angeles, one in Sonoma, and one in Santa Barbara.

The weddings were all so lovely, but by the end I was completely run down and sick, and this is all I wanted to do:

Molly snoozing

I’m starting to feel better again, though! So I promise real knitting content soon, including a new cabled version of my giganto-blanket!

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