Gone Quiltin’ – Baby Quilts for All!

Sweet Tooth Quilt and Magnus

It’s hot outside and my wrists hurt!

This has been my basic lament/excuse for abandoning my knitting this summer. And it’s true—there’s heat waves happening all over, and I’ve been working on my laptop nonstop, which makes my wrists tired and sore. I know, I know… I should type on an ergonomic keyboard and wear wrist braces and all that jazz. But I like working on my couch, my feet kicked up. What’s the point of working from home if you can’t lounge on the couch, I say?

Anyway, the point is that I haven’t felt like knitting. But the crafting demon inside me must be fed, so what do I do? I start quilting. A LOT.

I’ve now made two baby quilts (from this great, free pattern) and I’m onto a third one of my own creation. And I’ve only been quilting for a month, people! That’s some quick project turnaround… I think I get what these quilting people have been raving about all this time!

Do any of you dabble in quilting? Have any tips or tricks for me?

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  • Sue Lees says:

    I love the rainbow quilt. Do you have directions for it? Actually I like all your quilts. You have been very productive!!

    • Laura Birek says:

      Thanks, Sue! I don’t have directions written out for it, but the basic concept was that I just sewed all the colors together in rows, then I cut a strip out of it slightly off-center and flipped it around, adding a border to it as I sewed it back on. I’ll try and actually write out directions at some point!

  • carol says:

    these quilts are so sweet. do you know the name of the chick and egg fabric? If like me I seem to lose the selvage with the name.

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