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Hi all, I know it’s been quiet on Nocturnal Knits lately! It’s because everything I’m knitting is either super-secret or super-not-exciting!

Something Exciting that I would like share is the short film I produced a while back, American Apparel Activity. It’s a spooky/silly parody of Paranormal Activity — watch if you dare! 😉 (WARNING: Contains adult language and human-on-ghost violence. Also, crimes against fashion.)

When Brian (Jonny Loquasto) and Whitney (Shanna Micko) move into their new apartment they think they’re starting a blissful life together. Little do they know a silver-disco-pants-wearing nightmare (Jillean Tucker) awaits them. Strange things start to happen that tear at the very cheap american-made fabric of their relationship.

Can they survive this AMERICAN APPAREL ACTIVITY?
(Personally I don’t think so, but what do I know? I just write YouTube video descriptions.)


A short film by Corey Evett, American Apparel Activity is a parody of Paranormal Activity and the soft-core ads of American Apparel.


Whitney – Shanna Micko
Brian – Jonny Loquasto
Katrina – Jillean Tucker
Writer / Director – Corey Evett
Executive Producer – Laura Birek
Cinematographer – Steve Yager
Sound Mixer – Emett Casey
Boom Operator – Daniel Kaufman
Camera Assistants – Eric Lennon and Danielle Flam
Digital Effects Artist – Adam Lima
Music – Tawny KDSB


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