Custom Pegboard Organizer – for less than $35!

Custom Pegboard for under #35

Custom Pegboard for Craft Room

I made this custom pegboard for my craft room / office and wanted to share the steps with y’all because it was SO easy and quick to make! I’ve had the pegboard up for over a year now, and it’s so great to have my tools handy at any moment. I never have to dig through bins to find my scissors, or wonder where I put my sewing needles. And the best part?

The whole project cost less than $35! Hard to beat, huh? So here are the thingsĀ I used:

(Note: some of these items cost more online, but you can find them cheaper IRL.) Then you need to buy whatever hooks work for your needs. For instance,

I got some Magnetic Clips, a Hook Assortment Set, and later I got a Wire Mesh Basket (not pictured). There are so many accessories you can find!


After putting down a drop cloth, I masked off vertical strips with my wide tape, then spaced my masking tape in the gaps.

Taped Up

The goal was to do a few layers of paint to create different opacities. So I first did a light spray over the whole thing and let it dry. I then removed the masking tape ONLY:

First Coat

Then I did another coat, let it dry, and removed the wide painter’s tape:

Second Coat

After taking off the final bit of tape, I decided I didn’t want any of the original white showing through, so I did one final light coat of paint:

Final Coat

I thought that looked pretty good! So I let it dry overnight before hanging.

Hanging the pegboard

This part required a bit of help. I got my boyfriend to help me position the pegboard in the right spot, then I marked the corner holes with a pencil.

Here are the anchors, washers and hex nuts I used:


The hex nuts were just to keep the board a bit away from the wall so the pegs could go in easier. If I could do it again, I’d put another screw with a nut behind it directly in the center of the board. This would help the board from warping and bending towards the wall. But it works fine without it.

And the anchors were used so the screws didn’t pull out of my drywall. The whole unit isn’t too heavy, but when you get a lot of things hanging on it it could become a problem. So unless you’re drilling directly into a stud, I’d recommend using anchors of some sort.

Here’s what the corner looked like once I was done:


And the finished product!

Custom Pegboard finished!

I’ve since hung all my sewing thread and bobbins up, and it’s become a very useful organizational tool in my craft room.

Do you have any unique ways to organize your craft room? Let me know in the comments!

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