It never rains in Southern California

With all the fires and 90-degree weather, it seems like years since we’ve had rain in Los Angeles.

Photo by kristi.nicole

But last night the heavens opened up. I was ecstatic. I love rain. I grew up in a desert during a 7-year drought, so rain is exotic and exciting in my world. Sure, I went to college in Portland, Oregon, so you’d think I’d be sick of rain by now. But I haven’t. I still love it.

Last night, I curled up on the couch, listened to the rain, and knit my Noro scarf.

Noro into infinity

I got to the end of my first two skeins and took a break. I decided to make cakes out of my stashed Noro, just for kicks:

Noro cakes

I have two more skeins of the silk garden chunky left for this scarf, but I think I’m going to use half of each and then make a matching hat, or else the scarf will be super long and heavy.

And, before I forget: have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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