On a kick

I’m on a fingerless gloves kick. Some knitters call them wristwarmers. I just like them because they’re so fast to knit.

Here are some silk garden ones:


And some kureyon twisted-rib ones:


I even managed to sell both these pairs without trying — the blue ones went to a coworker and K is snagging the twisted-rib ones.

Man, do I need a new camera. I destroyed my ancient digital camera at a friend’s wedding in August, and I’ve been relying on my iPhone and computer’s iSight camera for picture-taking. I do love those two pieces of technology, but they don’t offer a lot of photographic power. Hopefully Santa will hear my plea…

Oh, and Steven Colbert highlighted the dangers of needle-wielding terrorists on his show last night. Gotta love him:

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  • Steve says:

    I was just about to forward you the link to this video as I was watching it, but then remembered I was on your blog watching it. I’m a dork.

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