Airplane Knitting

Everyone should take a cross-country flight during NaKniSweMo. It really helps keep you on track!

Airplane Knitting

Even in a center seat in economy, I was able to knit up a storm. I’m almost done with the back of my as-yet-untitled Argyle Cardigan — I only have 4 inches left before binding off. I still have to chart out the colorwork for the front panels, but that shouldn’t take too long.

Onward ho!

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  • yahaira says:

    you are on fire! I can’t wait to see the colorwork you came up with!

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Laura!
    I thought it is forbidden to take knitting needles on board? I would like to knit on the fly from Frankfurt/Germany to Chicago, but I heard, that I can’t take the “dangerous items” with me!
    Greetings from Hamburg

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sandra — I’m not sure about international laws, but in the U.S. knitting needles are on the “approved” safe list by the TSA. I fly with mine all the time and nobody has ever bothered me! However, I try to travel with bamboo or plastic needles just in case, and there’s always a chance they could take them away if they think they’re a hazard, so make sure you have a stitch holder available in case they confiscate your needles!

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