More Gigantic Knitting

I figure if I already have broomsticks set up to be knitting needles, I might as well knit something on them, right?

More knitting on broomsticks

I wound five strands of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn into one skein.

It started off a little messy, mostly because Magnus refused to leave me alone.

Yarn's #1 Enemy

The poor guy truly thinks that all yarn is a toy, so he doesn’t understand why I get so mad at him when he starts gnawing on yarn I’m in the process of winding into balls. I try not to lose my temper, but when I get to a sopping wet section of yarn that stinks of kitty breath, it’s hard not to be a tad annoyed. Luckily he’s pretty, so I forgive him almost immediately.


Five strands held together made for very large yarn cakes, so I had to split them into two different balls for each color just to be manageable.

Lotsa Cotton

The good news is that if you don’t have a cat eating your yarn, it’s actually pretty easy to wind up 5 skeins at once.

Winding Five Skeins at Once

And I’m glad I split the yarn into two balls per color, because after swatching I realize I’m going to need to hold ten (!) strands together to get the right gauge. I’m still trying to decide what stitch/color pattern to use for this bathmat. Anyone have any suggestions?

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