Subversive Cross Stitch (Mature Content, Graphic Language)

One of my best friends just moved in to a new apartment. So I made her a housewarming gift.

Noël's housewarming gift

I completed most of this during an excruciating 5-hour delay at LAX a few weekends ago. Yes, I live in LA and I got stuck at LAX for 5 hours. This is what happens when you don’t know your flight has been delayed until after you hand your checked luggage over to the TSA.

At least I got some crafting done!

I was also a little concerned that stitching such an explicit phrase in public would be frowned upon. But the only people who seemed to notice were a drunk young couple who loved it and wanted to commission one from me. I pointed them to the Subversive Cross Stitch site and said they should make their own.

(You should do that, too!)

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