Giganto-blanket — now available for purchase


I’m happy to announce that I’m now taking commissions for my giganto-blanket as a finished object. I had so many inquiries about where one could buy the blanket (rather than just the pattern) that I thought I might take a chance and put it up on Etsy. The price is pretty steep for a blanket, I must admit. But since the raw materials cost about $100, I figured $300 was fair. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make financial sense for me to crank these guys out.

Click here to visit the Etsy page.

Of course, I think the more economical and fun thing to do is just knit the pattern yourself!


Have questions about the giganto-blanket? Check out the FAQ!


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  • Deb Johnson says:

    Laura, My daughter has fallen in love with your blanket and since I don’t knit, I was wondering how much it would be completed?? I wish I could knit this for her for Christmas, but it looks like a bigger project then a beginner could take on. Please let me know.

    Thanks, Deb Johnson

    • Laura says:

      Hi Deb — I’m so glad you like the blanket! Here’s a link to the etsy listing for the completed blanket:

      Unfortunately, I have to charge quite a bit for the completed blankets because it is so labor-intensive and the materials cost a lot to begin with. I know it’s out of the price range of most people (myself included), but I have to charge a fair price!

      I do want to add that the knitting part of making the blanket is very easy — if you practiced just a little bit on normal-sized needles you’d be able to figure it out really quickly.

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