Time to settle down

Remember how I told you about how crazy my life has been recently? Moving and traveling had gotten the best of me, and I was ready to settle down. But first I had to fly to New York City.

New York was fantastic, but the trip was too short. I got to take a walk through Central Park:

Then I attended a lovely wedding in New Jersey:

I even had a chance to get to the observation deck of 30 Rock and got a spectacular view of the city:

Most importantly, I got some knitting done. I decided to cast on a simple seamless raglan cardigan before takeoff, and after two trips across the country I had this much finished:

I wasn’t knitting the whole time, obviously, but with size 9 needles and Swish Worsted it goes pretty fast!

And now I’m seriously going to settle down. No, really. It’s going to happen!

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