Designing Again

Designing Again

I’m finally designing something original again.

Well, “original” is a relative term. My friend asked me to recreate her most favorite piece of clothing, which happens to be a knit jacket of unknown corporate origin. Gap or J.Crew or something… we don’t know. (If we did, she’d just buy another one and save me the hassle!) The tag has long since fallen off. Her jacket is literally falling apart at the seams (sidenote: I love when I can use “literally” in the proper context!), so I decided to step in and recreate the pattern, with a few changes, of course.

It’s a tedious process. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy. There’s charting and measuring and gauge and sometimes it just makes my head spin. And I’m not even getting into sizing yet… le sigh.

The good news is that once I finally get the pattern finished, this will be a super quick knit at 2.25 sts and 3 rows per inch. Woohoo for bulky knitting!

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  • You are a terrific friend!

    Hope you are feeling good about being back in the (re)design groove. Yes, chunky/bulky yarns can be a great change a pace from lace/sock yarns.

    I look forward to your final product – I’m sure your friend does, too!

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