The Giveaway Continues!

We have our first winner! Sarah from Nova Scotia was the 150th person to like Nocturnal Knits on Facebook, so she’s the lucky recipient of a signed copy of Picture Perfect Knits.

Do you want to be a winner, too? I’ll be giving away a FREE, SIGNED COPY of my book, “Picture Perfect Knits” to the 175th, and 200th people who like my page! So click on the image below to like Picture Perfect Knits on Facebook and possibly win a free book.

Also, I have a correction about my Spud post from three days ago. It turns out my stepsister sent me a very nice thank you email on July 31, but my gmail filters got overzealous and stashed it away in a subfolder so I missed it! My apologies to Alison — I didn’t think it was like her to not acknowledge a gift. And it turns out I was right! Stupid technology…

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