NaKniSwe…not so much

Well, I was planning on designing a new argyle cardigan for this year’s NaKniSweMo, but the fates were against me.

This was last year’s cardigan:

Reform School

I liked it well enough (I still wear it all the time), but as far as design went I knew I wanted to revise it before publishing the pattern. First, the sleeves were too poofy and bulky, and I wanted to lengthen the body a tad and make the shaping a bit more flattering — probably with some negative ease. I thought this year’s NaKniSweMo would be the perfect time to revisit the pattern.

Alas. I went to my LYS and couldn’t find any color combinations I liked, or any dk-weight yarn I liked at all, for that matter. I did find some Tahki Montana that looked enticing, so I bought 10 skeins in 2 colors and brought it home:

I decided though it wouldn’t be anywhere close to 50,000 stitches, I’d design a NaKniSweMo striped raglan jacket. My added challenge would be to finish the pattern by the end of the month.

And then I discovered that the green color of the yarn has been discontinued by Tahki! BLERG! I can’t design a sweater with a discontinued yarn… le sigh. So maybe I’ll be making 2 versions of this one after all — next time with some legit yarn.

But enough about me. What are you all making for NaKniSweMo?

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