Gifts Gone Wrong – Susan B. Anderson’s Story

The first installment in the Gifts Gone Wrong comes from designer Susan B. Anderson:

My tale of woe is not a long story but it is pretty funny. Here it is along with a photo:

A few years ago I knitted my beautiful college age niece an oversized cable-filled slouchy hat, it was the cover project on some knitting magazine, I can’t remember which one. I loved the hat and thought it would look great with her thick blonde curly hair. Her birthday is the day after Christmas and I couldn’t wait to give her the hat I made.

Our entire big family gathered around the kitchen table to watch her open her birthday gifts. Immediately after my niece opened the hat I made for her, my nephew grabbed it and put it on his head so it looked like a giant mushroom. Everyone laughed so hard, including me, because he looked so funny.

I’m 100% sure my niece never wore that hat I knit for her. I never heard about it or saw it again. Now that I look at that photo again a few years later it still makes me laugh.

It is definitely the thought that counts!

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