Gifts Gone Wrong – Shannon Okey’s Story

Knitgrrl Shannon Okey has today’s installment of Gifts Gone Wrong:

I never get to knit for ME, let alone gifty goodness, but a close one is this: I taunted the sweater goddesses and knit my (then-) boyfriend a beautiful natural-colored wool sweater, but I forgot to go down a needle size on the (very wide, moss stitch) cuffs, which of course began to bell out like crazy. The sweater fit beautifully, it was lovely, but he NEVER WORE IT. He wore its matching hat constantly. He wore HOLES through the matching hat…but not the sweater. So I stole it back, and now it’s mine, all mine. And the bell-shaped cuffs look better on me, anyway!

I love a story with a happy ending!

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  • Ruby says:

    I love these stories. Thanks for taking time to share them. I think we all have a similar story somewhere in our yarny lives.

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