Holidays in Summary

Without being too prolix, here’s a summary of the last few weeks around Nocturnal Knits.

I knit a cabled giganto-blanket for my mom as a Christmas present.
Cabled Giganto
Molly Giganto

I cooked a bacon-covered turkey for Christmas dinner.

I went snowboarding.
2012-12-20 14.52.09 HDR

And then I went to Jamaica where I…

Read One Hundred Years of Solitude while drinking a beer on the beach.
2012-12-31 16.07.07

Actually, I spent a lot of time on the beach…
2012-12-31 14.15.28
2013-01-02 14.54.08
2013-01-02 14.55.08

I saw some cool old-timey stuff:
2013-01-02 16.49.47
2013-01-02 16.56.02

And snacks with fun names:
2013-01-01 19.05.39

There was this gift shop that was disappointingly devoid of magical goods:
2013-01-01 11.38.38 HDR

Happy new year, everyone!
2012-12-31 23.31.33

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