My First Handspun Skein

My first skein

My first skein

Look at that! It’s my very first handmade skein of yarn! It’s far from perfect, but I’m kinda in love with it, guys.

I started learning how to spin through this Craftsy class, and then got some first-hand instruction from a local arts teacher.

Closeup of skein

I was working with some sample superwash I got as a bonus in another order from Sheep Shed Studio, and this skein ended up being approximately 1.5oz/42g and 99yds/90m. According to this chart, that would make my yarn a dk weight, but according to wraps per inch it’s more like a fingering weight. I think the disparity is because the yarn is so uneven.

All balled up

But I don’t even care, because I feel so accomplished for creating this! In case you’re curious, I used an Ashford Classic Drop Spindle to spin this thing.

Now I have to figure out something to make with it! What do you think I should knit with this? I need suggestions!

Skein on pegboard

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  • How cool and how very talented of you! No suggestions I’m afraid!

  • sqbun says:

    I was in love at first site. So you either really did a good job or my husband and I need a date night. It’s so organic ad lovely. I think you should try some form of ombre dying technique and either make a shopping bag or a throw pillow. Whatever you decide you will have an interesrting story to tell for decades.

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