Sincerely, Us – A Short Film

Hi folks! I just wanted to share with you a short film I wrote and directed last year called Sincerely, Us:

“Sincerely, Us” is a quirky comedy that shows how a dog’s love can transcend the space-time continuum. Part sci-fi, part whodunit, “Sincerely, Us” was shot entirely on an iPhone 6 for the enormous budget of… $100. In addition to being shot on a mobile device, “Sincerely, Us” is a 100% women-driven production.

I hope it makes you smile!

More info:

Starring Shanna Micko. Written, Directed, Shot + Edited by Laura Birek.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 6 on location in Los Angeles, CA.

GOLD WINNER – Shot on Mobile – Eureka Springs Indie Film Fest 2015

-Interrobang Film Festival
-Eureka Springs Indie Film Fest
-Directed by Women – Short and Fun in NYC
-Lake Erie Arts & Film
-The Pocket Film Fest
-Dog Film Festival
-Dallas VideoFest 29
-Zed Fest Film Festival
-Raw Science Film Festival
-mObgraphia film festival
-The Apple Martini Film Series

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  • Debra says:

    Excellent movie! Enjoyed it very much and hope you won some sort of prize for it. Were you filming this at the same time as the new movie, “The Purpose of Dogs”? At least I think that’s what it is called…

    • Laura Birek says:

      Thanks so much, Debra! I have no idea if our filming overlapped with A Dog’s Purpose, but I love to see any movie with dogs in it! 🙂

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