Welcome to the new Nocturnal Knits!

Things are looking a bit different around here, aren’t they?

As a refresher, this is what the site looked like just yesterday:

Screenshot 2016-08-14 15.12.55

That’s the blog design I’ve had since 2009, you guys.  It served me well, but it was so crazy outdated. It was also my secret shame, because my “day job” is as a front-end web developer. I spend my days building super-fancy custom WordPress themes for my clients. And yet, my own WordPress site was sorely in need of a redesign.

So, back in December 2015, I started working on my redesign. I didn’t want to create any new blog posts in that time because I didn’t want to have to reconcile my local copy of the site with the live site. I was also just being super lazy.

Okay, to be fair, I was BUSY. I built this site and this site for my clients, and I also had this kinda big deal thing happening on May 7th…

Wedding Photo

I married that handsome guy.

And, yeah, I knit that dress myself.

So, sure, I was a bit busy.

(Trust me, there will be a LOT more posts about my wedding dress coming up. Stay tuned.)

BUT ANYWAY, the point is this: my site redesign took longer than expected. But now it’s here!

One major improvement is the new Patterns page — this is where you can find all my original patterns in one place.

I’ve also streamlined my navigation, and just generally simplified the site.  I got rid of ads — they were just ugly and didn’t really bring in enough revenue to make it worth cluttering up the site.  Instead of ads, I’ll be using affiliate links occasionally in blog posts to try and support the costs of the blog.

So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

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  • Dawn says:

    Love the big blanket …but the shedding is holding me back …

    Wish you could buy another fabric that was thick and rolled up the same way and give it a go..

    I found you on YouTube as I was learning how to arm knit an infinity scarf ..which I intend on starting that in a few weeks..

    Love the wedding dress

    • Laura Birek says:

      Thanks, Dawn! Yeah, the shedding is the real downside — there’s a reason people spin wool into yarn in the first place! Some people use long strips of fleece fabric, sewn together, instead of wool, but I haven’t tried that yet!

      Good luck with the arm knitting!

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