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When I decided to knit my wedding dress, I knew I was embarking on an ambitious project.  It took months to complete, and required meticulous charting, and laser focus.

This post is not about anything meticulous, though. It’s about these super-simple socks:

2016-08-24 10.41.08

Sometimes you just need to knit something simple, right? These were the perfect palate cleanser.

These are knit out of Wollmeise Twin I bought at The Loopy Ewe in Fort Collins, CO. My brother lives in Fort Collins, so every time I’m visiting him, he knows it’s a requirement I swing by TLE.

Don’t know The Loopy Ewe? It’s a magical wonderland of yarn:

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These socks were on the needles for a while… This was almost a year ago:


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You may notice those knitting needles look a little, uh… square? That’s because I was using Knitter’s Pride Cubics DPNs, and I kinda fell in love.  I’m not sure I’d like using them for larger-gauge projects, but for socks they feel so much more stable for me.

Anywho, for my next pair of socks, I have another skein of Wollmeise Twin ready to go:


I’m thinking I’ll knit this next pair toe-up — that way I can use up all the yarn. I might also reduce the stitch count by 4 to make it a big more snug on my foot.

2016-08-24 10.36.37

2016-08-24 10.36.44

I’d also like to make the heel flap longer by about an inch. I guess I have long heels? Who knew! I’m also kinda in love with how the colors pooled on the cuff to create a spiral effect.  I’m really curious if that will happen on the next pair, too!

What’s your favorite toe-up sock pattern? I’ve only done cuff-down socks before!

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